The great magic of the circus pays homage to Chekhov in a show of visions, delicate equilibriums, dancers, acrobats and jugglers.

Acclaimed worldwide for many years, Donka – A Letter to Chekhov is a delicate and poetic homage, an entertaining and mesmerizing tribute to the great Russian author and doctor Anton Chekhov, to the beauty of his words and to his humanity. A flow of dream-like, almost magical images carries the spectator to a world made of elegant acrobatic compositions, fragile equilibriums, juggling, dance and acting… that recall long-forgotten emotions.

The show opened the celebrations for Anton Chekov’s 150th birth anniversary in Moscow in January 2010.

“Donka is a dream performance. It has been performed over 300 times.”- 05.2019 -
“The show is light, rich in fantasy, visual poetry and humour.”- 27.05.2019 - Tv Kultura
“In this show, poetic images follow one another, just like in a dream.”- 16.02.2019 - Malopoloska Online

“I decided to discover Chekhov looking for particulars and details, both in his life and in the pages of his writings, and not only that. I thought of giving shape to the silences contained in the notes of his diaries and of creating images from his annotations.

I come from a theatre deeply impregnated with the language of clowns, of jugglers, of the delicate and magical world of acrobats. That is how I decided to recall Chekhov and to do it I surrounded myself with the same accomplices as always, creators with whom I have worked for years and with whom I share not only the same sense of aesthetics and way of thinking of the theatre, but also the passionate way of defending our imaginary world.”

Daniele Finzi Pasca, September 2009


Daniele Finzi Pasca
Writer, Director, Lighting Designer and Choreographer

Maria Bonzanigo
Musical Composer, Orchestrations, Sound Designer and Choreographer

Antonio Vergamini
Director of Creation

Hugo Gargiulo
Set and Prop Designer

Julie Hamelin Finzi
Creative Associate

Giovanna Buzzi
Costume Designer

Roberto Vitalini for
Video Designer

Chiqui Barbé
Make-up Designer and Prop Collaborator

Daniel Cyr
Cyr Wheel Inventor

Facundo Ponce de León
Researcher and Assistant Director

Geneviève Dupéré
Artistic Coordinator

Alexis Bowles
Lighting Co-designer and Production Director

Current Cast: Andrée-Anne Gingras-Roy, Beatriz Sayad, David Menes, Félix Salas, Francesco Lanciotti, James Kingsford-Smith, Jess Gardolin, Marco Paoletti, Melissa Vettore, Micol Veglia, Rolando Tarquini and Stéphane Gentilini

Original Cast: Moira Albertalli, Karen Bernal, Helena Bittencourt, Andrée-Anne Gingras-Roy, David Menes, Félix Salas, Beatriz Sayad and Rolando Tarquini

Allegra Spernanzoni Stage and Tour Manager, Artistic Coordinator, Assistant Director for Tours and Projects

Patrizia Capellari Tour Manager

Pietro Maspero Head of Lighting

Jens Leclerc Human Rigging Manager

Nicolò Baggio Onstage Technical Manager

Fabio Lecce Co-sound Designer and Sound Technician

Alessandro Napoli Sound Technician

Production Team

Production Director: Alexis Bowles
Tecnical Coordinator: Marzio Picchetti
Project Managers: Anna Casari and Marc-André Goyer
Visual Design, Photography and Communications: Viviana Cangialosi
International Representation: Chiqui Barbé, Sarai Gomez and Tanja Milosevic
Accountant: Amal Meroni
Assistant Scenographer: Matteo Verlicchi
Technician: Pietro Maspero
Communication and Promotion: Samuele Ponzio
Editing, Public Relations and Fundraising: Claudia Lafranchi Cattaneo
Archives Manager: Marco Finzi Pasca
Administrative and Accounting Consultant: Lorenzo Ortelli


Costume Workshop

Sartoria SlowCOSTume
Assistant Costume Designer: Ambra Schumacher
Dressmaker: Claudia Gariboldi



The orchestra music was recorded by the Sergei Rakhmaninov Symphony Orchestra (Moscow – Russia) at the Mosfilm “Tonstudio” and was conducted by Maestro Sergei Kondrashev
Choir: V. Rybin Vocal Ensemble
Mixing: Alexander Volkov



Alessandra Rezzonico – CSIA Lugano (scenography), Alessia Cappelletti (costumes), Antonia Foletti (sound), Antonietta Maglione (costumes), Antonio Vettore Catan (graphics & photography), Aurora Tito – CSIA Lugano (scenography), Fabio Picco (technical department) – CPT Trevano, Jerome Roy – CPT Trevano, João Vettore Catan (sound), Juana Gargiulo (photography), Lea Broggini (scenography), Leonardo Tibiletti (scenography & music), Leonardo Finzi (technical department), Ludmilla Papa (costumes), Max Balzan (technical department) – CPT Trevano, Michal Afeworki (costumes), Sanjna Seralvo (production), Sara Da Silva – CSIA Lugano (scenography) and Silvia Fanoni (photography)


Creation former collaborators

Atelier of Théâtre de Vidy, Barbara Bedrina (Assistant to Set Designer), Bluedream, Claude Rodrigue, Claudio D’Avanzo, Fabrizio Arigoni, Geneviève Dupéré, Gilles Richard,Imperial Boots, Lisa Rufini, Laurent Rozencwajg, Marc Laliberté, Marco Grossi, Mario Audello, Miriam Mazza, Nello Sofia, Peroni SpA, Pilar Del Campo, Pompei Shoes, Rocco Talleri, Sebastiano Pedrazzini, Sergio Mariotti, Stephane Boulaz, Trizio Valigeria and Vincenzo Carrino


Many thanks to our former troupe members

The artists Catherine Girard, Helena Bittencourt, Jean-Philippe Cuerrier, Karen Bernal, Moira Albertalli, Sara Calvanelliand Veronica Melis and the technicians Alona Umanskaya, Andrea Caruso Saturnino, Benoît Dubord, Dave Bourdages, Gonzalo Soldi, Guillaume Labelle, Lorant Voros, Maxime Lambert and Pierfranco Sofia


Many thanks to the Chekhov Festivalmembers

Director Valery Shadrin, Galina Kolosova, Natalia Gerasimova, Elena Bogomolova, Irina Druzhinina, Svetlana Kamenikhina, Svetlana Kamenikhina, Svetlana Kamenikhina, Ella Levina, Maria Malkina, Vyacheslav Orlov and Valentina Panfilova


Many thanks to the Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne members

Director René Gonzalez, Barbara Suthoff, Boussaud Deghou, Christian Mayor, Damien Christen, Danielle Jeauffre, Enrique Mendez Ramallo, Esther Zeller, Fabio Gaggetta, Felix Dorsaz, François Plançon, Isabelle Imsand, Jean-Daniel Buri, Jerome Loth, Jerome Vernez, Jules Hox, Lise Rumpf, Marc Moureaux, Mathieu Dorsaz, Michael Romaniszin, Michel Beuchat, Natacha Gerber, Nicolas Widmer, Nouri Montasri, Patrick Oulevay, Rene Zahnd, Roger Monnard, Samuel Marchina, Sarah Turin, Stephane Boulaz, Stephane Janvier, Stephane Sagon, Thierry Tordjmann, Thomas Beimowski and Thuy Lor Van

International Booking
Duration: 2 x 50 minutes + 20 minutes intermission
Pre-hanging by the venue + 1 set up day
21 persons max. on tour
All ages

Sarai Gomez

International Booking Agent

Tanja Milosevic

International Booking Agent

A production of Compagnia Finzi Pasca and Chekhov International Theatre Festival
In co-production with Théâtre Vidy – Lausanne

With the support of:
Government of the Russian Federation
Municipality of Moscow

The founders and producers of Compagnia Finzi Pasca:
Antonio Vergamini, Daniele Finzi Pasca, Hugo Gargiulo, Julie Hamelin Finzi and Maria Bonzanigo.










Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola

Caffè Chicco d’Oro

City of Lugano

Cantone Ticino

Pro Helvetia

LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura


Claypaky – Official Lighting Supplier

Sintetica – Research Partner

Migros Culture Percentage

Ernst Göhner Stiftung