Compagnia Finzi Pasca & Chekhov International Festival

2010 – Donka Teatro Sunil and Chekhov International Theatre Festival In co-production with Théâtre de Vidy – Lausanne and Inlevitas Finzi Pasca Hamelin company A letter to Chekhov “I decided to discover Chekhov looking for particulars and details, both in his life and in the pages of his writings, and not only that.

I thought of giving shape to the silences contained in the notes of his diaries and of creating images from his annotations. I come from a theatre deeply impregnated with the language of clowns, of jugglers, from the delicate and magical world of acrobats.

That is how I will recall Chekhov and to do it I will surround myself with the same accomplices as always, creators with whom I have worked for years and with whom I share not only the same sense of aesthetics and way of thinking of the theatre, but also the passionate way of defending our imaginary world”.


A production of Compagnia Finzi Pasca and Chekhov International Theatre Festival
In co-production with Théâtre Vidy – Lausanne
With the support of:
Government of the Russian Federation
Municipality of Moscow
City of Lugano
Canton Ticino
Pro Helvetia
Migros Culture Percentage
Caffè Chicco d’Oro
Foundation Ernst Goehner
Fidinam SA
Sintetica -Research partners

Creative Team
Written and Directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca
Musical Composer and Orchestrations: Maria Bonzanigo
Director of Creation: Antonio Vergamini
Set and Accessories Designer: Hugo Gargiulo
Creative Associate: Julie Hamelin
Costumes Designer: Giovanna Buzzi
Light Designer and Choreographies: Daniele Finzi Pasca
Sound Designer and Choreographies: Maria Bonzanigo
Video Designer: Roberto Vitalini for
Make-up Designer and Props Maker: Chiqui Barbé
Cyr Wheel Inventor: Daniel Cyr
Researcher and Director’s Assistant: Facundo Ponce de Leon
Intership: Pilar Del Campo, Marzio Picchetti, Sebastiano Pedrazzini

Performed by:
Moira Albertalli
Karen Bernal
Andrée Anne Gingras-Roy
David Menes
Félix Salas
Beatriz Sayad
Rolando Tarquini
Jean-Philippe Cuerrier
Annie-kime Déry

Tour Director and Stage Manager: Andrea Caruso Saturnino
Technical Director and Rigger: Jens Leclerc
Co-Technical Director and Lights: Gonzalo Soldi
Sound Technician: Fabio Lecce & Maxime Lambert
Machinist: Nicolò Baggio

Project Manager: Chiqui Barbe
Artistic Coordination: Genevieve Dupere
Technical Coordination: Alexis Bowles

Photographer and Graphic Designer: Viviana Cangialosi

Assistant to Light Designer: Pierfranco Sofia
Assistant to Sound Designer: Fabio Lecce
Assistant to Set Designer: Barbara Bedrina
Assistant to Director of Creation: Miriam Mazza

Internship: Marzio Picchetti, Pilar Del Campo, Sebastiano Pedrazzini