production: Compagnia Finzi Pasca with the support of: Commissione Culturale del Cantone Ticino, Pro Helvetia (LOGO), members and supporters of the Associazione Teatro Sunil.
Is it possible to interpret all the nostalgia that is contained in the tango? Is it really possible to understand the tango if you weren’t born on the banks of the River Plate? Can you dance the tango if your shoes don’t shine? Three actors with quite different roots, a Swiss, an Italian and a Uruguayan, fascinated by the theatrical potential of its rhythm, try to express the evocative power of its words and the passion which almost borders on the ridiculous.

Tres Tristes Tangos is a theatre performance with the accent on the dance. Real controversy, clown dances and discussions about “why so much sadness?” melt into a dream world. The boundaries of the performance extend to the public, who are invited to cross the subtle frontier where tragedy provokes a smile and where they are emotionally moved by silly things. The tango, “un pensiamento triste que se baila” (“a sad thought which is danced” as Discepolo said) accompanies them like an extra actor and they pay homage to it with a smile, homage directed not so much towards the dance or the song, but to a particular state of the soul.

By and with: Maria Bonzanigo, Hugo Gargiulo and Antonio Vergamini
Direction: Hugo Gargiulo
Choreography and music: Maria Bonzanigo
Text: Antonio Vergamini
to the tangos of:
Barbieri, Exposito, La Pera, Paulos, Piazzolla, Rodríguez, Romero, Schifrin, Stazo, Troilo

original soundtrack by:
trumpet: Patrick Berger
violin: Chun He Gao
cello: Beat Helfenberger
double bass: Anton Uhle
viola: Ivan Vukcevic
recording : Studio La Scíma
mixing : Rino Rossi
special effects design: Gazú
special effects production: Arkimede
with the help of: Francesca Oppizzi, Piera Oppizzi, Ttai Morra, Lorena Paola Viñoli