The fog that would float down when we visited my grandparents would swallow up the entire house. The neighborhood disappeared, followed by the entire village. Standing on the living room balcony, I would spy on the void and when the sky was very low, I would see strange things. The waves of the sea came to lick at the garden gate and hallucinations paraded along the row of poplar trees. I’d watch as lovers chased after one another. I’d see camels, elephants, soldiers returning from war… Once, I even saw myself float by. I was all grown up, driving a red truck. It was often, or should I say always, a carnival…
The noise of the sea was omnipresent. And when the fog lifted, mullet and bass would be lying on the road. Once, we even found a fishing boat in the village square. An entire fishing boat. Yet the ocean was 300 kilometers from the grandparents’ house.

There are other types of fog; fog that slips down over our eyes, drawing a thin veil between us and those who are already a little bit elsewhere. For some time, a fog has floated between my grandmother and me. I look a little blurred to her. Sometimes I’m my grandfather as a younger man or, in the flash of a second, just some stranger, some shadow. My grandmother has gone to the other side of the sky, which is very low. Occasionally, we see her, as the little girl I never knew, the young woman who turned grandfather’s head, the old olive tree planted in the garden by an ancestor…

Daniele Finzi Pasca

Daniele Finzi Pasca, Author & Director
Julie Hamelin, Creative Producer
Jeannot Painchaud, Director of Creation
Maria Bonzanigo, Musical Composer and arrangements – Choreographer
Hugo Gargiulo, Set Design
Linda Brunelle, Costume design
Daniel Cyr, Creator & Trainer – New Apparatus
Krzysztof Soroczynski, Collaborator to the Design of Acrobatic Performances, Head Trainer
Lucie Cauchon, Additional Composition
Davy Gallant, Sound design
Suzanne Trépanier, make-Up Design
Marc «Marcus» Gauthier, Acrobatic Rigging Designer
Alexis Bowles, Motorized Spotlight Programmer, Assistant to the Lighting Designer & Technical Director Assistant

Jonathan St-Onge, Assistant Producer
Marc «Toffu» Laliberté, Production Manager
Alexis Bluteau, Technical Director, Assistant to Sound Designer
Geneviève Dupéré, Stage Manager, Director’s Assistant
Elisa Volonterio, Director’s Assistant
Véronique Thibault, Development of Aerial Numbers (Star and Trapeze)
Marc-Alexandre Brûlé, Magic Consultant
Jacqueline Rousseau, Costume Designer Assistant
Anik Généreux, Hairstyles Designer

Chantal Poirier, Alexis Bowles, François Lemieux, Olivier Parent, Émilie Proulx-Bonneau, Steeve St-Onge, Alexis Bluteau, François Morin, Benoît Banville-Auger and Émilie Bérubé-Dionne, Jean-Philippe Cuerrier, Annie-Kim Déry, Stéphane Gentilini, Catherine Girard, Marion Guyez, Sandrine Mérette, Gonzalo Munoz Ferrer, Felix Salas, Benoît Vis, Andrée-Anne Gingras-Roy, Nicola Marinoni, Marton Maderspach
Evelyne Allard, Evelyne Laforest, Gustavo Lobo, Joseph Pinzon and the technicians Alexis Bluteau, François Morin, Benoît Banville-Auger and Émilie Bérubé-Dionne.