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Titizé Venice

Teatro Goldoni Via Enrico Mayer, 57, Venezia

True to the language of dreams that brings back fleeting images, allusions and mirages, TITIZÉ is a show that carries the spectator into a rarefied and surreal universe. Its narrative, seemingly fragmented but deeply evocative, unfolds in a kaleidoscopic play that interweaves different planes of meaning, conjuring up a hyperbolic “grammelot.” “TITIZÉ,” “You are”: an emblematic word full of rhythm, whose evocative sound draws attention to the power of the verb “to be,” emphasizing the universality of an imagined experience to intimately engage a diverse audience of all ages. The show fuses tradition and innovation in a fascinating combination of clowning, the language of the body and acrobatics - which allows allusion, the creation of metaphors, and the amplification of emotions - and the use of innovative stage devices, resulting in a theatre of amazement and lightness, without the need for words. With a cast of eleven talented performers, including acrobats, actors and musicians, TITIZÉ invites the audience to immerse itself in the very essence of Venice, where the past and the present blend into one fascinating tale and the stories, scattered like seashells on the beach, each with its own beauty and mystery, are reconstructed into a precious mosaic. […]