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Icaro – Pordenone

May 4 - May 5
Teatro Comunale Giuseppe Verdi, Viale Martelli 2
Pordenone, Italy
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“I prepare my shows like stories that must be told while looking the audience in the eye. In Icaro, I wanted to talk about hope by bringing to life anti-heroes, which is how most of us see ourselves. I engage in theatre for the pleasure of drowning myself, of losing myself just a little, which is one of the most worthwhile things in this life. We lose ourselves and escape. When we escape inside ourselves, who we really are is revealed to us. Escape is a strategy that allows us to delve deeper into reality to discover the secrets that are masked by appearances, and to invent new utopias. I come from a mountainous land. Where I am from, we escape by taking risks. Mountains will await you throughout your entire life. They define the vertical horizon of the child’s imagination before becoming engraved in memory. Where I am from, there are people who climb their mountain every year so as to renew their ties with that which does not change. Governments change, children are born, we lose our oldest friends, but mountains remain forever, unchanged. The wonderful thing about an encounter outside of time is that on every such […]

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