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Bianco su Bianco – Tunis

2021 . 12 . 06 - 2021 . 12 . 07
Theater of the Regions, Avenue Mohamed V
Tunis, 1002 Tunisia
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«We are creating a new show that plays –in keeping with our very own approach to storytelling– on the balance between a sweet and nostalgic form of absurd. Regardless of the simplicity and bareness of the theatrical apparatus, ours is a surrealist universe, somehow fiercely serene, a self-reflecting form of theatre, where actors use the proscenium to engage in a dialogue with the audience, where illusion and tricks are always disclosed at the end, where we laugh and are moved, where the clowns do not play the fools, but rather embody the frailness of losing heroes. »Daniele Finzi Pasca

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