Bianco su Bianco

Compagnia Finzi Pasca

Written and directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca

With Helena Bittencourt and Goos Meeuwsen


«We are creating a new show that plays –in keeping with our very own approach to storytelling– on the balance between a sweet and nostalgic form of absurd. Regardless of the simplicity and bareness of the theatrical apparatus, ours is a surrealist universe, somehow fiercely serene, a self-reflecting form of theatre, where actors use the proscenium to engage in a dialogue with the audience, where illusion and tricks are always disclosed at the end, where we laugh and are moved, where the clowns do not play the fools, but rather embody the frailness of losing heroes. »Daniele Finzi Pasca

Bianco su Bianco is a theatrical clowning production performed by two actors with a circus background. The story follows two characters, an actor and the stage technician who clumsily supports the former and helps her in creating images that will carry the audience into a surreal universe. These two clowns reach out to the audience and lead them into the realm of memory, with remarkable finesse and precision. In a dialogue with their surroundings, the artists create a world where light breathes to magnify emotions and flesh out a series of scenes based in these candid yet surprising universes and geometries.In this production, the Company’s aesthetics meet a height of simplicity, a simplicity that is still adorned with plentiful surprises.


Creation partners:
Caffè Chicco d’Oro
Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola

Teatro Sociale Bellinzona – Bellinzona Teatro
La Maison de la culture de Nevers et de la Nièvre
L’Odyssée, scène conventionnée de Périgueux
City of Lugano
Canton of Ticino
Pro Helvetia
Ernst Göhner Stiftung
Sintetica -Research partners



Daniele Finzi Pasca
Writer, Director, Co-creator of lighting, choreographies and Firefly Forest

Julie Hamelin Finzi
Creative director and Producer

Maria Bonzanigo
Composer, Sound designer and Choreographies co-creator

Hugo Gargiulo
Scenographer, Props master and Firefly Forest co-creator

Antonio Vergamini
Executive producer and Creative team member

Giovanna Buzzi
Costume designer

Alexis Bowles
Lighting co-designer and Firefly Forest co-creator

Roberto Vitalini –
Firefly Forest co-creator

Geneviève Dupéré
Assistant Director

Chiqui Barbé
Make-up designer and Project manager

Marzio Picchetti
Technical director on tour


Creation and Production Team:
Chiqui Barbé Project manager
Alexis Bowles Technical director
Geneviève Dupéré General stage manager
Amal Meroni Production accountant
Marzio Picchetti Technical co-director, Assistant lighting designer and Firefly Forest co-creator
Nicolò Baggio Lighting technician
Marco Finzi Pasca Lighting technician
Tanja Milosevic Assistant Executive producer
Anna Locatelli Administrative assistant
Viviana Cangialosi Photographer and Graphic designer
Lorenzo Ortelli Administrative and Accounting consultant

Interns:Lisa Foletti (Set design and technical department) Luana Biadici (Sound and technical department) Camilla Papiri (Communications), Elisa Valenti and Nadia Giacomini (Costumes).

International Development:
Julie Hamelin Finzi International Development
Sarai Gomez Assistant International Development
Laurent Rozencwajg Assistant International Development

Scenography and Props:
Jorge Añon Masks design and making
Matteo Verlicchi Technical designer
Lisa Foletti Assistant

Sound Consultants :
Fabio Lecce and Maxime Lambert

Sartoria Slowcostume Costume making
Ambra Schumacher Assistant costume designer
Elisa Stramaccioni Costume electric system creation

Alida Andreoli, Morena Antonini, Isa Altin, Antonella Bonzanigo, Lia Bonzanigo, Rocco Bonzanigo, Rodolfo Canal (Selecta), Gianfranco Helbling, Canton of Ticino, Claudio Chiapparino & Dicastero Eventi City of Lugano, Palestra Excalibur, Stefano Fabio, Juana Gargiulo, Famiglia Garzoni & Gran Hotel Villa Castagnola, Lisa and Mario at Giovani Viaggi, Paul Glass, Roberto Grassi, Mauro Guggia, Ristorante La Veranda, LuganoinScena, Vittorio Maspoli, Elisa Mosle, Lorenzo Ortelli, Fausto Ortelli, Giovanni Pedrazzini, Massimo Pedrazzini, Marcello Peduzzi, Olivier Peyronnaud & Maison de la Culture de Nevers et de la Nièvre, Piazzale Milano, Rolando Picchetti, Fabrizio Pongelli, Pro Helvetia, Guido Santini, Beatriz Sayad, Alessandro Seralvo & Cornercard, Elena Stoll, Rafael Stoll, Saverio Stoll, Lorenzo Stoll, Rocco Talleri, Anita and Walther Sievi, Teatro Sociale Bellinzona – Bellinzona teatro, Cristiana Vanini, Claudio Vitalini, Vanessa Zicari, our families and friends.