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52 – Paradiso

2023 . 05 . 20

“At the root of all our research that has taken us around the world during the last 38 years is the certainty that there are stories that can heal. The theatre acts like a medicine, searching for magical architectures and structures where the evo-cation of real or imaginary events produce benefits, pleasure, emotion, catharsis. We’ve met shamans in Russia, Mexico, Canada, Peru, Brazil, India, Bolivia, Nepal, Ethiopia and Chile and each time we have tried to gather fragments of ancestral wisdom. The fear of the dark, the loss of a family member, the wounds of love produce painful sores that only certain stories can heal. Over the years we have created shows on watermarked paper in which elements of this research were imprinted. Using lightness and adapting ourselves to it we have developed stories where illness and healing have always been present; from “Icaro” to “Così si tirava il destino”, from “Nebbia” to “Donka” to arrive at “Per Te”.I met Pablo many years ago in Mexico and we formed a profound friendship. I took him with me to Canada and he became an integral part of the Company when “I made the new version of “Brutta Canaglia la Solitudine”. In Buenos Aires a few years ago he told me about one of his projects and over the years I have seen it develop and grow, marveling at the subtlety of the intent and the poetic nature of the result. This new creation will allow us to get back to the roots of our way of thinking about theatre made up of closeness with the public, the search for empathy, levity and enchantment. It will also be a way to reflect on all the work done over the 38 years of continuous playful creation.52 is the number of a street that does not exist in the plan imagined by visionary urban planners. It’s the reconstruction of a night where a father, doctor and rug-by player is murdered by a group of assassins, is also the description of a method that, on one hand, Pablo discovered and, on the other, we and the Company have invented to create stories that heal. This project will allow us once more to meet medical and architectural friends; with them we will reflect on beauty, anamnesis, cartography, radiography and finally the construction of models and maquettes representing dreams and emotions hidden in secret corners and folds”

Daniele Finzi Pasca


Sala Mutiuso
Via delle scuole 21
Paradiso, 6900 Switzerland
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