In the great journey of life, we are all nomads. We wander from one love to the next, from one sorrow to the next. On this journey, some of us travel light. Some sleep under the stars with the moon as their pillow. It is clear to them: at night, the sky is endless.

The imagery in my work springs from an unusual source: the collective memory of my ancestors, the history to which I belong. In my productions, I let my unconscious breathe life into the characters populating the family album I inherited. My memory is filled with places I’ve never seen, faces I’ve never met. Yet thanks to the stories my grandmother told me; these are people and places I love dearly.

We are all storytellers. We tell tales to leave a legacy behind, to unravel the secrets of the world, to spark the curiosity of a sleepy child. Storytelling is a way to explore the corners of our memory and can even change our destiny. Circus performers are like nomads: they live life as one long journey. The tales they tell are often wild and whimsical and sometimes hauntingly melancholic. Each time they set up camp, a new story is born. The singing, the celebrations, and the silence that finally cloaks the night reveal something miraculous and consoling: that they are home, once again.

This tribute to nomads conveys the frenzy of their celebrations, the mysteries of their rituals, and the passion with which they carve out their destinies. With its spirited rhythms and vivid images, this story will awaken your wandering spirit and meander unconsciously through your dreams.

Daniele Finzi Pasca

Daniele Finzi Pasca
Director / Text of the songs

Jeannot Painchaud 
Cirque Éloize’s Artistic Director

Julie Hamelin
Executive producer

Krzysztof Soroczynski
Head trainer, acrobatic conceptionfor hand to hand, Russian bar & banquine and teeter board acts

Lucie Cauchon
Music composer & arrangements

Maria Bonzanigo
Music composition on Fix and Swinging Trapeze acts, Straps act and Finale table act.

Dolores Heredia
Acting preparation

Guillaume Lord
Set design

Martin Labrecque
Lighting design

Mérédith Caron
Costume design

David Wirtgen
Sound design

Daniel Cyr
Technical and acrobatic research and development

Roch Jutras
Artistic direction assistant

Suzanne Trépanier
Make-up design

Nicolas Descoteaux
Moving lights programmer

Marc «Toffu» Laliberté
Assistant director & stage manager during the creation

Hugo Gargiulo
Acting preparation – 2005 version

Charles Kaczynski
Composition of Overture & co-composition on Chinese pole number