Luna Park – like a fairground ride

A show-installation lasting 20 minutes in which successive groups of up to 25 spectators are led onto the stage along a preestablished route, with social distancing rules being respected at all times. We will accompany spectators on a “fairground ride”, an immersive, emotional and somehow nostalgic experience taking them into the heart of the show.

A different way of living our theatre that will make each spectator a participant in a unique experience.


For groups of up to a maximum of 25 people, with around 50 “fairground rides” a day lasting 20 minutes each. From 8 to 20 September at Lugano LAC (Lugano Arte e Cultura).

Luna Park is like a “fairground ride” inside stage machinery and the secret world of actors and clowns. A return to the origins of the Compagnia Finzi Pasca, wholly devoted to today’s public, who can let themselves be transported by lights, colours, mirrors, music and by the nostalgia of a surprising and light-hearted age.

After the four hours without intervals of Einstein on the Beach at the Grand Théâtre in Geneva and the thrilling adventure of the Fête des Vignerons, the Ticino company’s latest creation will be concentrated into a time span the length of a fairground ride.

Fairgrounds are places that are suspended in time, nostalgic, where worlds of light and mirrors generate emotions, surprises and gaiety. There is mystery in fairgrounds… as in this show, where in small groups the public will travel in a dream, behind the stage curtain, discovering unique and secret points of view and living the stage together with the actors, close to them as never before but in complete safety.

“At the beginning of the year we built a large theatre installation in Moscow, visited by more than 15,000 spectators over a 24-hour period. Fresh from this experience, and faced with the current situation, we asked ourselves how to devise a show that maintains and preserves our poetic vision, reflecting on how to get closer when we should move away… perhaps trying to build something monumental, surprising, totally immersive. A conclusion that will probably mark a new way of seeing theatre in our parts.”

Daniele Finzi Pasca, June 2020

Premiere in Lugano
Visited City

Daniele Finzi Pasca
Autore, regista, designer luci

Maria Bonzanigo
Musiche e orchestrazione, designer suono

Hugo Gargiulo
Scenografia e accessori

Antonio Vergamini
Consulente di produzione

Marzio Picchetti
Direttore di produzione, co-designer luci

Matteo Verlicchi
Assistente scenografo

Tanja Milosevic
Responsabile di progetto

Roberto Vitalini per
Video Designer

Giovanna Buzzi

Nicolò Baggio
Coordinatore tecnico

Pietro Maspero
Operatore luci e tecnico del suono

Jacopo Baggio
Costruttore di scena

Patrizia Capellari
Stage Manager

Ludmilla Papa

Viviana Cangialosi
Visual Design, Photography

Claudia Lafranchi Cattaneo
Editing, Public Relations, Fundraising

Amel Soudani
Ufficio stampa

Marco Finzi
Responsabile archivio

Amal Meroni
Contabile di produzione

Sarai Gomez
Booking internazionale

Estelle Bersier
Collaboratore di progetto

Marc-André Goyer
Collaboratore di progetto


Daniele Bonomi

Melissa Vettore
Jess Gardolin


Amal Meroni, Antonio Vergamini, Claudia Lafranchi Cattaneo, Daniele Finzi Pasca, Hugo Gargiulo, Maria Bonzanigo, Marco Finzi, Matteo Verlicchi, Patrizia Capellari, Tanja Milosevic, Viviana Cangialosi

International Booking
Duration: 30′ minutes show, for 25 person every 5 minutes
Pre hang + 1 setup day
7 person maximum on tour
All ages


A Compagnia Finzi Pasca production

Co-produced with

LAC (Lugano, Arte e Cultura)

Creation partners



Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola

Caffè Chicco d’Oro


Sintetica – partner alla ricerca

With the support of

Città di Lugano

Cantone Ticino

Pro Helvetia