Così si Tirava il Destino

“In many shows, the Teatro Sunil looks for a special connection with the public, creating a three-way relationship between actor, audience and a privileged spectator on stage. These are the “monologues for a single spectator”, a trilogy by Daniele Finzi Pasca composed by Icaro, Giacobbe and Patria. In Così si tirava il destino we made the narrator-actor sit at a small table and we left an empty armchair on the other side. The spectators are seated all around and one of them will go and occupy the chair, to discover his or her destiny. It is a game between the actor and his audience, and through this game a story is told: the fortune-teller is both sorcerer and narrator. The magic of theatre opens a dialogue that allows to retrieve memory, create a familiar atmosphere, referring to the different superstitions to which each of us is connected.”

“The signs are interpreted, the concrete reduced to miniature, the ephemeral sealed with wax. With Così si tirava il destino we decided to bring the theatre to those who could not go there anymore. The first shows took place in retirement homes. We presented it to elders and children, to detainees and the guests of a wedding, to the clients of a restaurant and those of a bookshop, in private homes, outdoors and, clearly, in theatres.

We did over a hundred shows in four languages, in different European and American states. The show can be done anywhere, for a single person in a room or for a maximum of a hundred people in a theatre with an adequate seating. There is a version that lasts twenty minutes for particular occasions.”


Hugo Gargiulo or Antonio Vergamini in Così si tirava il destino – What will become of me? (Table show)

Direction: Maria Bonzanigo and Beatriz Sayad

Lights: Marco Finzi Pasca

Artistic collaboration: Daniele Finzi Pasca and Dolores Heredia

with special thanks to: Nicolas Brugger, Sonia Caronni, Annemarie Meier, Arianna Rossi By Hugo Gargiulo and Antonio Vergamini

Contributors: Commissione Culturale del Canton Ticino, Pro Helvetia, Comune di Lugano and sustaining members of the Sunil Theatre Association