Julie Hamelin Finzi (Montréal, Québec, Canada)

Conceptor, Creative Director, Producer and International Development.
Co-founder of Compagnia Finzi Pasca

Julie Hamelin Finzi boasts more over 20 years of experience in the world of contemporary circus and performance arts. At the age of 21, Julie co-founds Cirque Éloize, a leader in the new circus genre based in Montréal, Canada. She produces and takes part in the creation of seven shows with Cirque Éloize, while acting as head of international development, allowing the company’s creations to be presented on the world’s most renowned stages. Up until 2010, over 3,000 performances of their productions were showed in more than 300 cities in 35 countries. She goes on to found two other companies (Inlevitas and Company Finzi Pasca), in which she heads creative direction, production and international development for three acrobatical theatre creations. She later takes part to the creation of 4 operas and 3 Olympic ceremonies.

In 2001, she meets Daniele Finzi Pasca, beginning a rich and enduring artistic collaboration. For Cirque Éloize, Daniele creates the Trilogy of the Sky: Nomade (Cirque Éloize), Rain (Cirque Éloize) and Nebbia (Cirque Éloize and Compagnia Finzi Pasca).

In 2006, Julie Hamelin is part of the stage direction team creating the closing ceremony of the Turin Winter Olympics. As first assistant director, she is involved in the writing of the show and co-creates some of the choreographies. She also serves as a link between the creative team and the producers.

In 2009, Julie and Daniele launch Inlevitas, a company created to foster a range of new artistic projects, including opera, acrobatic theatre and film. The very first project they sign together under the Inlevitas moniker is the opera L’Amour de loin (Love from Afar), for the English National Opera of London, in July 2009. It later reprises in Belgium at the Vlaamse Opera in Antwerp, and in 2012, it is performed in Toronto, where Julie is a creative associate. The pair also collaborates to the publishing of Daniele Finzi Pasca’s book, Theatre of the Caress, written by Facundo Ponce de León, and released in 2009.

2009-2010 sees the creation of Donka – A Letter to Chekhov. The show is a production of Company Finzi Pasca and the Chekhov International Theater Festival in coproduction with Vidy-Lausanne Theater, written and directed by Daniele for the 150th anniversary of Russian author Anton Chekhov. Julie acts as creative associate on this project.

In 2011, Julie co-founds together with Antonio Vergamini Daniele Finzi Pasca, Hugo Gargiulo and Maria Bonzanigo (in alphabetical order), Compagnia Finzi Pasca, a structure uniting Teatro Sunil and Inlevitas.

Additionally, 2011 marks a milestone in terms of opera productions, resuming the development she had initiated with Inlevitas. In June 2011, Julie is the creative associate on the opera Aida, by Giuseppe Verdi, produced by the Mariinsky Theatre of St. Petersburg under the musical direction of Maestro Valery Gergiev. July 2011 sees her travelling to Naples, again as creative associate, this time for Ruggero Leocavallo’s opera Pagliacci. The latter is produced by Teatro San Carlo, under the musical direction of Maestro Donato Renzetti, and is presented at the Mariinsky the following year. After these two achievements, Julie returns to the Mariinsky in June 2012 as creative associate on Verdi’s Requiem, once again directed by Daniele and Maestro Valery Gergiev. The four operas are now part of the repertoire. The creation of La Verità, begins in 2012, a production in which Julie acts as creator, creative director and producer, and handles international development. La Verità is presented in world premiere on January 17th, 2013 at Place des Arts in Montreal.

In 2013-2014 Julie is the associate artistic director for the Olympic Closing Ceremony and the Paralympic Opening Ceremony in Sochi, Russia.

In 2014, she works as creative director and producer for Bianco su Bianco, a new show by Company Finzi Pasca.

Julie is currently working on the new tour show of Cirque du Soleil for which he is creator and co-writer.

She is working simultaneously on her first movie, Piazza San Michele, written by Daniele.

Julie will also be the co-author and associate artistic director for the next edition of the Winegrowers’ Festival in Vevey, Switzerland, in 2019, an event happening only four times per century and gathering hundreds of thousands people.

Other projects are also in the making.