La Verità

Compagnia Finzi Pasca

A scrim contained inside a wooden box is discovered and left in a theatre. A rare and unique piece, it is one of the scrims painted by Salvador Dalí in New York during the 1940s for Tristan and Isolde, a ballet he had imagined.

Paris, early December 2010: There is much enthusiasm after the launch of the production Rain. These are days filled with ideas that march through the mind. Julie Hamelin was convinced that we must put ourselves to work. She would like to produce a new creation and she is certain that this must follow in the steps of Sky Trilogy and Donka. She hopes that a show or acrobatic performance will take flight. She read me a note that she had kept in one of her notebooks: “The truth is all that we have dreamt, all that we have experienced, all that we have created – all that forms a part of our memory.”

Montreal, Christmas 2010: We are preparing dinner when I receive a call from a european art collection that gives us the possibility to use a scrim painted by Salvador Dalí in New York during the 1940s.

Brussels, early January 2011, start of Corteo in Europe: As ever, when ideas wane they begin to take form. With Julie, in a taxi. We are convinced that the acrobatic performance and the scrim painted by Dalí must form a single, unique project.

After the immersion in the universe of Anton Chekhov, it is time to discover the universe of a new artist. Also, there is Tristan and Isolde, New York in the 40s, and the interior voyage of one who must leave Europe to seek refuge in the United States. There are themes that open into other themes, ideas in the mind that jostle and form themselves into images. An unfurling of yellow flowers, blindfolded characters, veiled, like the statues of Giuseppe Sammartino found in the Sansevero Chapel in Naples. Hands with very long fingers, shadows that deform proportions, red blood, the colour white, the blue of the Virgin Mary’s cloak, ladders suspended in empty space, impossible balances, dismantled corpses, feathers and sequins – as if the story takes place in a decadent Vaudeville – with a research director with ideas to improve and build upon the concept.

Lugano, January 2011: We came together to figure out how to begin this adventure. Julie suggested merging Inlevitas and Teatro Sunil into a single company, Company Finzi Pasca. La Verità could become the first production of this new structure.

Compagnia Finzi Pasca


La Verità
Written and directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca

Creation partners:


La Place des Arts
Maison de la Culture de Nevers et de la Nièvre
Scène Nationale Bayonne Sud Aquitain
Orchestra della Svizzera italiana (OSI)
Radiotelevisione svizzera (RSI)
Città di Lugano
Cantone Ticino
Caffè Chicco d’Oro
Ernst Ghöner Stiftung

Daniele Finzi Pasca
Author, director, lights and choreographies co-design

Julie Hamelin Finzi
Creative director, producer and participation for the writing

Maria Bonzanigo
Music, choreographies co-design and sound design

Hugo Gargiulo
Set and props

Antonio Vergamini
Executive Producer and artistic consultant

Giovanna Buzzi
Costumes design

Alexis Bowles
Lights Co-design

Roberto Vitalini pour
Video design

Geneviève Dupéré
Assistant to the Director

Chiqui Barbé
Make-up and hairstyle Designer

Marc Laliberté
Director of production

Fabrizio Arigoni
Artistic Consultant

Facundo Ponce de Leon

Toni Vighetto
Creator of Choreographic Sculptures

Mariève Hémond
Carré creator

Daniel Cyr
Roue Cyr creator

Tour team:
Performers: Moira Albertalli, Jean-Philippe Cuerrier, Annie-Kim Déry, Stéphane Gentilini, Andrée-Anne Gingras-Roy, Catherine Girard, James Kingsford-Smith, Evelyne Laforest, David Menes, Marco Paoletti, Felix Salas, Beatriz Sayad, Rolando Tarquini
Tour director and stage manager: Allegra Spernanzoni
Technical director and head carpenter: Dave Bourdages
Head rigger:Jens Leclerc
Head of Sound and video: Maxime Lambert
Head of Light: Benoît Dubord
Restorer: Andrea Ravano

Creation and Production team:
Technical Director: Alexis Bowles
Assistant Set and Props Designer: François Lemieux
Project Manager: Chiqui Barbé, Tanja Milosevic
Production Accountant: Amal Calabretta
Assistant Executive Producer: Tanja Milosevic
Assistant Technical: Dave Bourdages , Guillaume Labelle
Assistant Director of Production: Marc-André Goyer
Photograph and Designer: Viviana Cangialosi
Guest photograph: Andrea Lopez
Press relations: Jean-Sébastien Rousseau
Head rigger: Jens Leclerc
head of Sound and video: Maxime Lambert
Head of Light: Benoît Dubord
Acrobatic apparatus developpement:
Marc Laliberté, Francois Lemieux, Guy St-Amour, Antoine Mercure Gagnon
Administrative assistant: Anna Locatelli

Administrative and Accounting: Lorenzo Ortelli, Michel Castonguay
Internships: Marzio Picchetti, Gonzalo Soldi, Leonardo Tanoni

International Booking: Julie Hamelin Finzi
Assistant International Booking: Sarai Gomez

Scenography and Props:
Dandelion design and development: Penelope Margaret Mackworth–Praed
Assistant: Chiara Tassi
Puppets design: Andrea Caruso Saturnino
Assistant: Paulo Emilio Luz
Horse design and development: Davide dell’Osso
Assistants: Marcello Garofalo, Luciano Visentin
Rhino and puppet masks consultant and development: Jorge Añon
Dalí mask and diving suit consultant and development: Claude Rodrigue
Piano and table woodworker: Pierre Landry
Set and Props assistants: Arkimede, Boris Arsenault, Christian Hamel, Véronique Marcoux, Francois Morin, Massimo Palo
Scenic Painters: Nadia Lombardo, Jeremy Gordaneer
Flying objects maker: Patrice Lavoute

Sound consultancy:
Sound consultant: Fabio Lecce
Senior sound consultant: Davy Gallant
Glass Harp consultant: Robert Tiso

Costume shop:
Costumes Designer Collaborators: Lisa Rufini, Pino d’Onofrio, Maria Vernini, Esther Kowalski, Grazia Quacquarelli, Susy Ciarrocchi, Davide Zanotti, Ambra Schumacher, Elisa Serpilli, Laura Rhi-Sausi, Costanza Moniello.
Montréal collaborator: Mathieu Audy, Geneviève Chevalier
Costumes Confection: Sartoria lowCOSTume
Shoes confection: Pompei

Artists collaborators:
Karen Bernal
Helena Bittencourt
Marton Maderspach
Goos Meusen

Coralie Bally, Valeria Bonalume, Prana Ovide – pole dance
Chun He Gao – violin
Mariève Hémond, Annie-Kim Déry – carré
Karine Houle – Clarinet
Jérôme Le Baut – hand to hand
Gioia Orfei – acrobatic rollerskating
Luca Princiotta- electric guitar
Gonzalo Soldi, Diabolo
Robert Tiso – Glass Harp
Toni Vighetto – Zig
Milan Pole Dance Studio: Krystel Arbia:

Music production RSI Radiotelevision svizzera performed by ORCHESTRA DELLA SVIZZERA ITALIANA (OSI)
Orchestra director: Philippe Bach
Soloist: Yiping Li
Sound engineer: Manuel Veronesi

Special Thanks To:
Alida Andreoli, Morena Antonini, Isabel Benzonana, Restaurant la Boîte à Lunch, Antonella Bonzanigo, Rocco Bonzanigo, Jean-François Brière, Jennifer Byram, Alain Cadieux & Universcène, Silvana Caffaro, Rodolfo Canale (Selecta), Cantone Ticino, La Caserne, Claudio Chiapparino & Dicastero Eventi Città di Lugano, Éloïse Deschamps, Duo Scarlette, Michel Elliott, Palestra Excalibur, Stefano Fabio, Carolyn Hollinger, Jean-Marc Jacot – Josiane Favre & Parmigiani Fleurier, Daniel Fœdus, Famiglia Garzoni & Gran Hotel Villa Castagnola, Michel Gagnon – Marc Blondeau – Paul Fortin – Danielle Saint-Denis – Nathalie Paquette – Yves Savoie – Sophie Labelle & Place des Arts, Lisa e Mario di Giovani Viaggi, Paul Glass, Roberto Grassi, Mauro Guggia, Lulu Helbek, Mariève Hémond, Stephen Lebire, Anna Locatelli, Città di Lugano, Janicke Morissette, Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana, Auditorio Stelio Molo (RSI), Gioia Orfei, Lorenzo Ortelli, Fausto Ortelli, Camilla Papiri, DanielA Papiri, Giovanni Pedrazzini, Massimo Pedrazzini, Giancarlo Pedrioli, Marcello Peduzzi, Olivier Peyronnaud & Maison de la Culture de Nevers et de Nièvres, Peroni S.p.A (Sandra Battistella, Maurizio Noris e Arch. Gianni Crevacore), Piazzale Milano, Pro Helvetia, Marie Martine Robles, Vincent Sager, Guido Santini, Segal Centre for Performing Arts, Alessandro Seralvo & Cornercard, Comune di Sorengo, Studio 301, Rocco Talleri, Christian Thibault, Mathieu Tisseur, Gaetano Tresoldi, Usine C, Claudio Vitalini, Jennifer Whisper, our parents, our families and our friends.