Compagnia Finzi Pasca

Montréal Avudo
Society for the 375th anniversary celebrations of Montréal, 2017
A large multimedia show at the Old Port of Montréal: a poetic homage to the river for the city’s 375th anniversary

The show wants to pay poetic homage to the river that passes through time and the seasons, navigating through stories that intersect and concern everyone. The show addresses the emotional relationship between Saint Lawrence River, the city of Montréal, its neighbourhoods, its actors and its people. It’s a nonlinear trip that includes encounters with famous and less known people who have made Montréal the multicultural city it is today. We are going to talk about those who live there, those who arrived after, those who built it and those who left to connect Montréal to the rest of the world.
Daniele Finzi Pasca
Artistic director, author and director

We are creating this show with immense pleasure: Montreal Avudo is a very interesting challenge in every aspect of its creation. Montreal’s multiculturalism is an element that expresses the Finzi Pasca Company’s spirit very well.
Hugo Gargiulo, stage designer and co-founder of the Company

The spectacular character of Montréal Avudo (Avudo = “A Vue d’Eau”, or “on the water”) will be translated through large technical installations which are mostly located directly on the water at Bassin de la Jetée 1 in the Old Port of Montréal. The installations will consist of thirty fountains reaching about 30 metres high which will create a water screen of about 120 metres,  the port’s tower as a 47-metre projection surface, a fog-like effect that will cover more than 3,000 square metres and a setting that will use sea transport containers.

The Finzi Pasca Company will thus play with the effect and juxtaposition of images, transforming the city through the seasons, ages and weather. With the aid of sound effects, projections and water choreography, the Montréal Avudo experience will lead viewers through frames, where the images’ poetry will express itself thanks to the simplicity of emotions.

World Premiere: 17 May 2017; reruns until 2 September 2017 (6-8 shows a week).
Tickets (free admission): ticketpro.ca.
The show lasts about 30 minutes.


Creation team from Compagnia Finzi Pasca:

Daniele Finzi Pasca: author, stage director, producer, lighting co-designer
Julie Hamelin Finzi: project creator
Maria Bonzanigo: musical direction and composition
Hugo Gargiulo: stage design
Alexis Bowles: production manager and lighting co-designer
Geneviève Dupéré: artistic director, research, staging assistance
Marc-André Goyer: project manager
Roberto Vitalini: video consultant
Antonio Vergamini: production advisor

Invited co-designers:

Gabriel Coutu-Dumont: video design (Silent Partners Studio)
Davy Galant: musical director, editing and arrangement
Laser Quantum: water and laser effect
Tammy Beauvais: costume design
Francis Back: historical illustrations


Orchestre métropolitain
Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal
Musée Pointe à Callière