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Luzia – Vancouver

octubre 3 - noviembre 24

“When the Cirque du Soleil approaches creators it asks them to venture into new scenographic and narrative territories. (…) We started from stereotypes… in order to overturn them. Ubiquitous slowness? We replaced it with speed – that of the Tarahumara, a Mexican people who live in the mountains and can run up to 200 kilometres non-stop, barefoot or wearing light sandals. Speed thus becomes an interesting element in circus language too, with its quest for extreme performance, thanks to magnificent acrobats and gymnasts drawn from around the world. For us, then, Mexican people display a great physical and spiritual capacity to go beyond incredible limits.” Daniele Finzi Pasca


octubre 3
noviembre 24
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Concord Pacific Place
88 Pacific Blvd
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2R6 Canada
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