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Bianco su Bianco – Tenerife

July 1

Bianco su Bianco is a delicate and intense show that arose from the desire of the main creators of two Olympic ceremonies to return to an artistically intimate and small-scale dimension. It tells the story of Ruggero and Elena, of the young man’s difficult childhood, of the power of friendship that enables him to weather the storm and of the bond, as magical as it is mysterious, that is love, which will sustain them both as they scale one of the highest of mountains.

It is a show where the two performers-actors-acrobats-clowns dialogue with a sophisticated and atmospheric universe made up of lights and sounds: a technology developed for the great forest of light that surmounted the Olympic stadium in Sochi and which, downsized for use in a theatre, becomes a further and impalpable performer in the show. Delicate, crystalline music accompanies the story of life and hope of this entertaining, fantastic and rather surreal couple.


July 1
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C/meldo Seris
Sata Cruz de Tenerife, 38003 Spain
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