Sochi press: Closing ceremony

2014 . 03 . 03  |  Media Coverage

Danele Finzi Pasca’s closing ceremony drew on Russia’s rich cultural heritage, with balletic performances inspired by the Bolshoi. The Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, officially came to a close on Sunday with a ceremony that drew heavily on centuries of Russian culture.… continue reading

La Verità celebrates its first birthday at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

2014 . 01 . 30  |  Official Announcement

One year after the world premiere in Montreal, La Verità continues his world tour with a series of 15 performances in Copenhagen. The public and critical success was so resounding that the Prince of Denmark came in person to see… continue reading

Maria Bonzanigo wrote the soundtrack for the new film by Mohammed Soudani

2014 . 01 . 24  |  Official Announcement

It’s during Les Journées du Cinéma suisse in Soletta that the world premiere of the new comedy by Mohammed Soudanni “Oro Verde”, coproduced by Amka Films and RSI – Radiotelevisione svizzera,  will take place. The screenings are saturday January 25th… continue reading

Primorski dnevnik- Slovenia. “… a performance that is marked by acrobatic bravados and abstract poetical atmosphere. “

2014 . 01 . 07  |  Press Release

“It is an art most superior to be able to create a performance out of seemingly impalpable elements, a performance that is marked by acrobatic bravados and abstract poetical atmosphere. ” Continue reading.

La Verità: more than 100,000 spectators

2013 . 12 . 27  |  Official Announcement

In less than a year, since its world premiere of January 17, 2013 in Montreal and touring in Uruguay, Brazil, France, Spain and Hungary, more than 100,000 people have seen our show La Verità. Upcoming performances: Ljubljana: from December 27,… continue reading

Seasons greetings

2013 . 12 . 24  |  Official Announcement

Népszava, Budapest. “An exciting, restless dream”

2013 . 11 . 22  |  Press Release

“A fantasy-filled opera production that drags you from earth up to the heavens.”  continue reading.

MTI Budapest. “Compagnia Finzi Pasca addresses the audience in the language of surrealism.”

2013 . 11 . 22  |  Press Release

“When we dream, we see images, and these images pose questions that then float in out of our consciousness.” Continue reading.

Presale for Icaro in Lugano, Bellinzona and Locarno

2013 . 11 . 05  |  Info and Tickets

Tickets are now on presale for Icaro’s tour of Ticino, which begins at the end of November. The dates are as follow: Bellinzona, Friday November 29 2013, 8:45PM, at Teatro Sociale Lugano, Saturday November 30 2013, 8:30PM, at Teatro Cittadella Locarno, Sunday December 1st 2013, 6:00PM,… continue reading

Corriere del Ticino. “Dalí joins Finzi Pasca’s world”

2013 . 10 . 18  |  Media Coverage

“…There remains no doubt: La Verità promises a big success also in Switzerland, where the audience recognises and appreciates Daniele Finzi Pasca’s threatrical syntax and his race towards dreams already during the very first lines of his performances.”   Read… continue reading