La Verità: four sold out shows at BAM in New York… so exciting!  

2016 . 06 . 02  |  Official Announcement

Last May, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the show La Verità managed to excite and overwhelm the New York audience of 8,800 spectators with four incredible sold-outperformances. The show was staged at the Howard Gilman Opera House, considered hallowed ground in the world of theatre. This great success,… continue reading

Bianco su Bianco in Russia and Romania 

2016 . 06 . 02  |  Info and Tickets

After the great success at the Teatro Sociale in Bellinzona, Helena and Goos have set off for the stages of Eastern Europe, to stage once again the exciting show Bianco su Bianco. From June 2nd to 3rd in the city of Voronezh, Russia, they will be present in… continue reading

The Finzi Pasca Company wins the Pro Ticino Prize 2016

2016 . 06 . 02  |  Media Coverage

On Saturday May 28th the Central Committee and the Pro Ticino Cultural Committee awarded the Compagnia Finzi Pasca the Pro Ticino Prize 2016, an annual award that is presented to an individual or association residing within Ticino or beyond the Ticino Canton,… continue reading

Luzia: a new Cirque du Soleil show written by Julie Hamelin Finzi and Daniele Finzi Pasca

2016 . 05 . 03  |  Info and Tickets

Ten years after the appearance of Corteo (2005), Ticinese director Daniele Finzi Pasca has been called upon again by the Cirque du Soleil, together with Julie Hamelin Finzi, to direct a project inspired by the rich Mexican culture. Luzia, a name… continue reading

La Verità in New York

2016 . 05 . 03  |  Official Announcement

La Verità is in the programme of the BAM between Wednesday 4th and Saturday 7th May in New York. This is the second time the Compagnia is invited to the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Already in 2012 the show Donka was presented in the season… continue reading

Time flies, but the long journey has not yet reached its end… Icaro is 25

2016 . 05 . 03  |  Official Announcement

On 2nd May 1991 Daniele makes his way to Milan to participate in the Clown International Festival at the Teatro Sala Fontana. There, he presents his new show Icaro. And so begins the long adventure of the show, a journey that… continue reading

La Verità lands in the Unites States for the first time 

2016 . 04 . 12  |  Info and Tickets

Following three years of worldwide tours, La Verità makes its way to the US for the first time with a big tour of the East Coast, which will open on 16th April in Stony Brook (NY), and, making its way through University Park, Bethlehem, Chapel Hill… continue reading

An additional replica of Bianco su Bianco in Bellinzona! 

2016 . 04 . 12  |  Info and Tickets

Following the enormous success of the presale, we have programmed one additional replica of our show Bianco su Bianco, which will be back in the Teatro Sociale in Bellinzona one year and a half after its debut.It will be held on Saturday 30th April at 8:45 pm; there… continue reading

Maria Bonzanigo at the “Concerti in San Martino 2016”

2016 . 04 . 12  |  Official Announcement

On Sunday 1st May at 5:00 pm the Trio des Alpes will play Maria Bonzanigo’s tune for violin, cello and piano “Sole sui cavalli di Sale” during the Concerti di San Martino 2016 festival. It is the opening concert under the “Two composers in residence”… continue reading

Press review of La Verità from Hong Kong and New Zealand

2016 . 03 . 10  |  Press Release

“Unique and unforgettable!” (Stuff NZ, 03 Mar 2016) “When it comes to pulling off a spectacle, Daniele Finzi Pasca, is a master, with a special knack for letting the audience’s imagination run wild.” (Radio NZ, 01 Mar 2016) “The cast… continue reading