La Verità has blown out 300 candles!   

2016 . 01 . 16  |  Info and Tickets

The show La Verità was performed for the 300th time on Thursday 14th January on the Riverside Theatres stage during the 40th Sidney Festival, which opened on 7th January with this show. After its debut performance in Montreal, La Verità has been seen by over 233’000 people in every corner… continue reading

La Verità opens the New Year with an all-australian tour

2016 . 01 . 05  |  Info and Tickets

The Australian tour of la Verità will start at the Sydney Festival, a major arts festival in Australi’s largest city that runs for three weeks every January, since it was established in 1977. The festival attracts approximately 650’000 people. Hightlight show of the… continue reading

Reviews from Italy

2015 . 12 . 21  |  Press Release

NAPLES | La Verità “La Verità by Finzi Pasca is an imaginative journey that leaves you amazed, a whirlwind of emotions and visions justifiably endorsed by the public with a long and heartfelt applause.” – Fermataspettacolo “The show becomes an art exhibition ….” – Napoliclick “The audience was literally in a… continue reading

Theatre of the Caress book available in new Italian edition

2015 . 10 . 24  |  Info and Tickets

The Italian version of the book Theatre of the Caress is now available on our online store, and in all major bookstores in Ticino, including the new bookstore at LAC. The Italian version of this interview by philosopher and researcher… continue reading

Verdi’s Requiem returns to Saint Petersburg

2015 . 10 . 19  |  Info and Tickets

Friday October 16, the theatrical version of Verdi’s Requiem will reprise at the Mariinsky, directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca, under musical direction by Valery Gergiev. Video

Donka passes 300 performances mark

2015 . 10 . 10  |  Info and Tickets

September 29th marked the 300th performance of Donka, in Minsk, Belarus! From its initial pre-production at Théâtre Vidy in Lausanne, to the world premiere in Moscow on January 29, 2010, marking the 150th birthday of Anton Chekhov, here is a… continue reading

Bianco su Bianco in Latin America

2015 . 10 . 09  |  Info and Tickets

While La Verità resumes its European tour, the Spanish version of Bianco su Bianco is touching hearts all across Latin America. Helena Bittencourt, Goos Meeuwsen and Marzio Pichetti were in Quito (Ecuador) September 16 through 20, as part of the… continue reading

9,000 spectators greet La Verità at the LAC in hometown Lugano!

2015 . 10 . 08  |  Info and Tickets

Company Finzi Pasca had a most auspicious beginning for their first production as the resident company of Lugano’s brand new cultural centre, known by its Italian acronym LAC, which stands for Lugano Arte e Cultura. By opening night, all 9,000… continue reading

La Verità in Romandy and Italy

2015 . 09 . 21  |  Info and Tickets

After the outstanding response received in Lugano, La Verità moves forward with its European tour. The next shows will be at Théâtre de Bausobre in Morges, where Bianco su Bianco was shown recently, and later at Teatro Sociale in Trento.… continue reading

Best reviews from Paris and Naples

2015 . 06 . 30  |  Press Release

“A perfect combination of the circus athletic requirements and the softness of a brushstroke.” Direct Matin, Paris, France, June 15, 2015. “Dance, singing, humor, poetry and spectacular stunts: La Verità , the new astonishing creation of Daniele Finzi Pasca, must be absolutely discovered ” LesEchos, Paris, France, June 16,  2015… continue reading