Chiqui Barbé
Project manager and makeup designer

Alexis Bowles
Technical director and co-creator lights

Geneviève Dupéré
Director’s Assistant

Sarai Gomez
Assistant Julie Hamelin for international booking

Facundo Ponce de Leon
Researcher and theoretic of the theater of the caress

Beatriz Sayad
Accomplice to the theater of the caress

Marc Laliberté
Technical director Icaro

Gabriele Finzi Pasca
Opera projects Assistant

Alona Umanskaya
Opera projects Assistant

Fabrizio Arigoni
Consultant for traditional circus

Daniel Cyr
Consultant in new gear stunt


Tanja Milosevic
Project Manager

Amal Meroni

Anna Locatelli
Administrative Assistant

Viviana Cangialosi
Photograph and Graphic Designer

Marzio Picchetti
Assistant Technical Director

Christian Thibault
Web Developer

Andrea Lopez


Jean Rabasse
Set Designer

Giovanna Buzzi
Costume Designer

Roberto Vitalini, (Bashiba)
Video Designer


Julie Hamelin
International Booking

(in alphabetical order by country)

France and Belgium- Olivier Peyronnaud (MCNN Maison de la culture de Nevers) and Pierre Michelin (Encore un tour)

Italy – Roberto Giovanardi (ATER)

Netherlands and Flamish Belgium – Wolter Lommerde (LOMMERDE marketing the arts)

Spain – Maria José Pont (Area Cultura)

Switzerland – Vincent Sager (Opus One)

USA – Jean-Jacques Cesbron (CAMI Music, New York)

Uruguay (Icaro) – Sergio Dotta


Lorenzo Ortelli
Studio SCA

Rocco Talleri
Notary Law Firm

Luca Pagnamenta
insurance broker