Cirque du Soleil

“I believe that to picture one’s own funeral, I mean, trying to imagine it, filled with guests, a brass band leading the procession, and with all the friends, all the lovers and parents, and also the enemies, is a very healthy thing. Dreaming of being remembered, and being certain of having left traces brings an appropriate hint of nostalgia to life.

In this production, a clown envisions his own funeral. He pictures it with many people crying, music slowly going crazy, and receives a series of flamboyant visits from people and images of his past life. The life he lived, and the life he invented for himself.

I dedicated this dream to the angels, who come and visit me at night. To the world of clowns, to which I belong, to the Cathedral of Chartres, which after my mother’s womb, is the second place where I was nurtured. To the pictures that my parents stole to reality, and which I put into movement, to the circuses and to their artists.

What I meant to bring forth under the big top is theatre and its peculiar perspective made of overlapping images. I thus asked the acrobats to think as actors would, and to be beautiful and honest, just as beautiful love stories are. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by brilliant creators, with whom I immersed in a common world and a bonding adventure, receiving the full support of a production crew who allowed us to carry on with our dream. I also kept close to the friends from my troupe, Teatro Sunil, with whom I have been seeking beauty and honesty on stage for more than twenty years.

To make one’s own funeral does feel good. For a moment, one feels necessary and motivated to keep going on this journey, which is in fact but a slow return home.”

Daniele Finzi Pasca

Cirque du Soleil – Corteo