Per te: the first Italian tour culminates in Puglia 

2017 . 11 . 28  |  Info und Tickets

Here are some press clippings from Bergamo – the second leg of the Italian tour of Per te, which will close at Teatro Giordani in Foggia (2 and 3 December) and the Teatro Apollo in Lecce (6 December). Press Review (Bergamo) „The… weiterlesen

La Verita still excites the Madrid audience

2017 . 11 . 28  |  Info und Tickets

Wonderful welcome for the return of La Verita in Madrid, in the first leg of the Spanish tour 2017, which will also include Pamplona (Teatro Baluarte) on December 9 and Bilbao (Teatro Arriaga) from 12 to 17 December. Press Review… weiterlesen

Bianco su Bianco has debuted in Mexico

2017 . 11 . 28  |  News

Last November 4th, Bianco su Bianco has reached Mexico for the first time, where the show opened the 5 ° Encuentro Internacional de Clown in Mexico City. Helena Bittencourt and Goos Meeuwsen also directed a workshop at the same festival.… weiterlesen

Per te & La Verità they alternate in a European tour

2017 . 11 . 02  |  Info und Tickets

La Verità   1st – 11th November I Madrid – Teatros del Canal I Tickets Per te.  16th – 19th November I Bergamo – Teatro Creberg I Tickets Per te.  2nd – 3rd December I Foggia – Teatro Giordano I Tickets Per te.  6th December I Lecce – Teatro Apollo La Verità  9th December I Pamplona –… weiterlesen

Per te has made its debut in Italy

2017 . 11 . 02  |  Pressemitteilung

Press Review “Per te (…) is much more than a big show event. It’s a show for sophisticated palate, for those who believe that the stage is a magical and enchanted place, a place for poetry and emotion.” Messaggero Veneto… weiterlesen

Show by Marco Meier: Julie’s boxes

2017 . 10 . 09  |  News

Compagnia Finzi Pasca is collaborating on the presentation of artist Marco Meier’s show, Julie’s boxes, from 3rd to 15th October at the LAC Hall (Lugano, Switzerland). 3rd – 15th October I Switzerland I Info

Luzia: 1 million audience members in 16 months!

2017 . 09 . 04  |  Pressemitteilung

A few days ago, while in Chicago Cirque du Soleil announced that Luzia, a show directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca and written together with Julie Hamelin Finzi, has already been seen by 1 million audience members in less than a… weiterlesen

Per te, Icaro and Bianco su Bianco at LAC

2017 . 09 . 04  |  Info und Tickets

Per te. Info and tickets 11th – 14th October 2017 Icaro Info and tickets 15th October 2017 Bianco su Bianco Info and tickets 10th – 14th  March 2018

 Compagnia Finzi Pasca returns to the Brisbane Festival

2017 . 09 . 04  |  Info und Tickets

After the great success of last year’s show La Verità, the company returns to Brisbane to present Per te, from 9 to 16 September. Brisbane Festival is one of the world’s most important festivals in the sphere of theatre, music,… weiterlesen

Per te, Icaro and Bianco su Bianco at LAC

2017 . 08 . 04  |  Info und Tickets

The Compagnia Finzi Pasca returns to the LAC in October 2017 and March 2018 with 3 shows, named “Triologia della fragilità”: Per te, Icaro and Bianco su Bianco. The presale of tickets for the “Triologia della fragilità” has begun at the… weiterlesen