Sochi Paralympic Games: Opening Ceremony

WSCorp, FiveCurrents

When I was creating this Ceremony I was searching for poetic images that would
portray the beauty and fragility of people who strive to go beyond their limits.
Some challenges are so overwhelming that they’re very emotional and, in order
to overcome them, you have to ‘break ice’. But overcoming those challenges can
bring people together. This Ceremony is dedicated to all those who in one way or
another seek to unite people, to bring cultures closer and create
joy and passion with their endeavours.

Daniele Finzi Pasca, Artistic Director, Author & Director

The spirit of the Paralympic is for me pure inspiration. Fragility, humanity, beauty,
learning to never give up, and then fly to reach higher tops. It’s a lesson in life.

Julie Hamelin Finzi, Associate Artistic Director

The Paralympic spirit clearly demonstrates the true meaning of competition: it is
not in outrunning a competitor, but in outrunning yourself.

Hugo Gargiulo, Head of Set & Props Designer

Collaborator members of CFP Opening Ceremony:
Daniele Finzi Pasca – Artistic Director, Author & Director
Julie Hamelin Finzi – Associate Artistic Director
Hugo Gargiulo – Head of Set & Props Designer
Giovanna Buzzi – Costume Designer
Eugenio Caballero – Icebreaker Designer
Creator and Designer of the Light Forest: Compagnia Finzi Pasca
Roberto Vitalini – Light Forest Video Designer
Elena Shubina – Creative Producer
Geneviève Dupéré – Co-Aerial Choreographer
Alexis Bowles – Light Forest Co-Artistic Director

Antonio Vergamini – Director’s Assistant
Chiqui Barbé – Director’s Assistant
Allegra Spernanzoni – Director’s Assistant
Helena Bittencourt – Director’s Assistant
Goos Meeuwsen – Director’s Assistant
Beatriz Sayad – Director’s Assistant
Rolando Tarquini – Director’s Assistant
Alona Umanskaya – Director’s Assistant
Maria Levina – Director’s Assistant
Kristina Larina – Director’s Assistant
Kapitolina Tsvetkova – Plotnikova – Director’s Assistant
Polina Shubina – Creative team Assistant

Maria Bonzanigo – Aditionnal music composer
Gregorio Cosentino – Aditionnal music composer

Compagnia Finzi Pasca team:

Moira Albertalli
Jean-Philippe Cuerrier
Annie-Kim Déry
Stéphane Gentilini
Andrée-Anne Gingras-Roy
Catherine Girard
James Kingsford-Smith
David Menes
Marco Paoletti
Felix Salas
Dave Bourdages
Jens Leclerc
Maxime Lambert
Benoît Dubord