Luzia: 1 million audience members in 16 months!

2017 . 09 . 04  |  Official Announcement

A few days ago, while in Chicago Cirque du Soleil announced that Luzia, a show directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca and written together with Julie Hamelin Finzi, has already been seen by 1 million audience members in less than a year and a half of touring! Some fun facts about Luzia: 44 performers from 15 countries, 1,115 costumes and accessories, 5,000 flowers on stage during the opening scene, 13,000 holes made in the 11-metre-high curtains  using the traditional Papel Picado technique…
So far, show has stopped off in the cities of: Montreal, Toronto, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Denver and Chicago.
The next destinations will be: Atlanta, Los Angeles and Costa Mesa.