Bianco su Bianco: from the theatre to the bookstore

2016 . 11 . 22  |  Official Announcement

On Wednesday, 9 November at 18:00 at the LAC (Lugano Arte Cultura), Daniele Finzi Pasca presented  the new publication Bianco su Bianco, a long story in which the writer and director was inspired by the eponymous show, which debuted in Bellinzona in 2014.  The edition and the public presentation were curated by Claudia Lafranchi.
The tale tells the story of Ruggero, a child with a bad start in life, a violent and drunkard father, who was not allowed to smile. The boy reacts, saved by the love of friends, a new father-coach and his love for Elena. Then a gust of wind, a doubt and certainty force the young couple into a frightening vortex, which at the same time is exciting… just as life is. Similar to a coming-of age story, with the show having attracted up to now 22,000 people, in 30 cities, in 5 languages.

The book will shortly be on sale on our on-line shop!