A huge thank you to the public of Lugano!!!

2016 . 11 . 22  |  Press Release

From the 2 to 9 November, with 10 incredible sold-out performances, more than 10,000 people attended the new show Per te. at the Lac (Lugano Arte Cultura). Our heartfelt thanks for the all the love you showed us. We’d like to remind you that from 18 to 19 February, we will be back in Lugano with La Verità  – advance tickets sales available.

Press reviews

Per te. – almost in paradoxical sense is a hymn to life, to the incredible strength of the theatre, to the imagination and creativity, the basic importance of friendship under the most difficult circumstances of existence”.
(Corriere del Ticino – 04.11.2016)

Per te. is studded with moments when large tracts of the lightest fabric flutter, thanks to airstreams measured to the accuracy of a millimetre, at times providing life to souls that refuse to leave, or to the sails of ghost ships that dare to face the worst waves , or even to a large red heart that beats”.
(Corriere del Ticino – 04.11.2016)

“First and foremost it is an act of love – generous, passionate, personal – which is difficult to respond to with the logic of a review.”
(La Regione – 03.11.2016)

“And then there’s the wind blowing impetuously, making colours and poetry dance, regaling us with enchantment and magic.”
(Liberatv.ch – 03.11.2016)

Per te. is an emotionally engaging work (…) it is a show where you laugh and cry, where you are moved and smile. ”
(Liberatv.ch – 03.11.2016)