Bianco su Bianco lands in Brazil

2016 . 08 . 31  |  Info and Tickets

Bianco su Bianco has done plenty of travelling in the last two years, but now it’s coming to Brazil for the first time, birthplace of our very own Helena Bittencourt. This will be the debut of the Portuguese version. It’s coming to San Paulo first, from August 31st to September 4th at the Sesc Santo Amaro. It then moves to Belo Horizonte at the Sesc Palladium from 9th to 10th September. The tour will end in carioca country, from 14th to 15th September at the Sesc Ginástico in Rio de Janeiro.

31st August – 4th September | | San Paulo | Brazil | Info

9th – 10th September | | Belo Horizonte | Brazil | Info

14th – 15th September | | Rio de Janerio | Brazil | Info