La Verità opens the New Year with an all-australian tour

2016 . 01 . 05  |  Info and Tickets

The Australian tour of la Verità will start at the Sydney Festival, a major arts festival in Australi’s largest city that runs for three weeks every January, since it was established in 1977. The festival attracts approximately 650’000 people. Hightlight show of the 2016 edition that celebrates the 40th anniversary, La Verità will be opening the Festival at the Parramatta Theartres, one of the most renowned art houses in Australia.

Sydney | Parramatta Theartres | 7-17.01.2016 | Tickets

Arts Centre Melbourne is both a defining Melbourne landmark and Australia’s largest and busiest performing arts centre. Last year, the venue staged more than 4,000 performances and events to more than 2.7 million people. For nearly 30 years, Arts Centre Melbourne has played a leading role in showcasing the best local and international performing arts.

Melbourne | Arts Centre di Melbourne | 21-23.01.2016 | Tickets