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La Verità has blown out 300 candles!   

2016 . 01 . 16  |  Info and Tickets

The show La Verità was performed for the 300th time on Thursday 14th January on the Riverside Theatres stage during the 40th Sidney Festival, which opened on 7th January with this show. After its debut performance in Montreal, La Verità has been seen by over 233’000 people in every corner… continue reading

La Verità opens the New Year with an all-australian tour

2016 . 01 . 05  |  Info and Tickets

The Australian tour of la Verità will start at the Sydney Festival, a major arts festival in Australi’s largest city that runs for three weeks every January, since it was established in 1977. The festival attracts approximately 650’000 people. Hightlight show of the… continue reading