Reviews from Italy

2015 . 12 . 21  |  Press Release

NAPLES | La Verità
“La Verità by Finzi Pasca is an imaginative journey that leaves you amazed, a whirlwind of emotions and visions justifiably endorsed by the public with a long and heartfelt applause.” – Fermataspettacolo

“The show becomes an art exhibition ….” – Napoliclick

“The audience was literally in a state of wonder for a good part of the show, having spent two unforgettable hours watching a dramatisation that was well and truly out of the ordinary.” – Eroicafenice

NAPLES | Carmen
“Carmen” captivates the San Carlo Theatre. And the “premiere” of Bizet’s opera is a success. A success marked especially by Zubin Mehta, the musical director of a show whom director Daniele Finzi Pasca allows to play on the cords of poetry without succumbing to any stereotype.” – Il Mattino

BERGAMO |  La Verità
“La Verità” is not just a show, or the circus, or theatre, but everything at once: an acrobatic universe of fascination, incorporating different themes.” – L’eco di Bergamo

“At times, the show leaves you breathless.” – Artribune