La Verità celebrates its first birthday at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

2014 . 01 . 30  |  Official Announcement

One year after the world premiere in Montreal, La Verità continues his world tour with a series of 15 performances in Copenhagen. The public and critical success was so resounding that the Prince of Denmark came in person to see the show and went afterwards backstage to congratulate the whole cast and crew of La Verità.

La Verità in Copenhagen

“La Verite’ is a magical, poetic masterpiece. The title means “truth,” and a place in the performance’s chaotic kaleidoscope of color, form and shape sensed a core of truth that is also human. It is the right to play, to transcend the rational and to create something out of the apparently nothing.”

“Contemporary circus at its best. It combines the magic of theatre, the spellbound of music and the child’S humour with endlessly masses of poetry” – Jyllands

“There is so much humanity, beauty and humour in this circus performance that one can only feel let into a world that he did not know he had missed. A world that you never knew existed – a world of fun and indulgence”. –

“The 13 international performers from La Verità infuse virtuosity and poetry in circus disciplines” –

“Rarely have we seen an artist show with so much poetic energy A laissez-aller pace, delivering the most difficult maneuvers with an amiable smile and a musicality that involve exactly the music as an integrated element of the music as jaunty and cheerful accompaniment” –

” To see La Veritá again after a year of development in front of an audience was fantastic. Going from poetic strong pictures a year ago to pure magic, which made the audience in Tivoli completely amazed. I have never ever seen so quick standing ovation before. They hardly get to clap before they were on their legs. And then when the ‘real’ back drop came down afterwards it was like being a part in the surrealism and dotting the ‘I’ of an extraordinary evening at the same time. A vibrant evening of poetry, visual surprises, astonishing body skills and caress of the soul made by the family of Compagnia Finzi Pasca.” – Hans Christian Gimbel, Managing & International Director of Republique theatre in Copenhagen

From January 30 until February 23, La Verità will be touring in France