El Observador – The Magic of Surreal Acrobatics

2013 . 05 . 17  |  Media Coverage

Company Finzi Pasca’s La Verità is a must-see show featuring a long-lost scrim painted by Dalí.

The mere chance to catch a glimpse of the magnificent stage backdrop painted by Salvador Dalí in the 1940s for Tristan and Isolde would be good enough a reason to go see La Verità, by Daniele Finzi Pasca, at the Auditorio Adela Reta. Yet the Swiss director and his company offer their audience a unique blend of images, bodies and sounds that stands up to the work of the Catalan painter.

La Verità, opening this Thursday at Auditorio Nacional del Sodre, and running until May 11, is a must-see production, maybe one of the finest presented in the country this year.

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