Brutta canaglia la solitudine!

2013 . 03 . 06  |  Official Announcement

Brutta canaglia la solitudine! opens March 7th. The show was written and directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca.

The play was recently updated, 10 years after its original presentation by Mauro Mozzani and Rolando Tarquini of Manicomics Theatre at Teatro de Piacenza, Italy.

The new version features a different ambiance onstage, and the characters Medoro and Vitalizio are played by Pablo Gershanik and Victorino Lujan, two Argentinian actors closely related to our company.

Mauro and Rolando also took an active part in updating the show, while Hugo Gargiulo and Alexis Bowles respectively contributed to the scenography and stage lighting. The original score by Gregorio Cosentino has been kept for the new version.

The creation was developed in parallel to Finzi Pasca’s brand new production, La Verità, a show in keeping with the original spirit of intimacy and the humanist outlook that colour the work of our company. Brutta canaglia la solitudine! was created between Lugano, Piacenza, Buenos Aires and Motevideo. It is a co-production by Finzi Pasca Company, the Buenos Aires Polo Circo Festival and Pier Paolo Olcese.

Buenos Aires